E 1600

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2690 lv Поръчай
1555 lv
  • Maximum lawn area
    800 - 2600
  • Average time of work
    120 - 180 min
  • Mobile app with WiFi Direct
  • Rechargeable battery - capacity
    6,6 Ah
  • Direction of mowing
  • Cutting width
    28 cm
  • Cutting speed
    35 m/min


Mowing zones:

Maximum lawn area:

One-piece coated area:

Overcome slope with angle:


Power supply:

Charging time:

Average time of work:

Auto Load:

Rechargeable battery:

Rechargeable battery - capacity:

Rechargeable battery type:

Technical data



Engine type:

Rated power:

Bilateral sharpened knives:


Speed of rotation of knives:

Work and mowing mode

Cutting height:

Cutting width:

Cutting speed:

Spiral cutting:

Direction of mowing:

Cutting height adjustmen:



Spare knives:

Virtual Conductor:

Connectors for a virtual conductor:

Pins for fixing work. Station:

Additional features


LCD display:

Shock sensor:

Rain sensor:

PIN code security:

Tilt sensor:

Lifting sensor:

Pressure / touch sensor:

Aut. switch off conductor:

Mobile app with WiFi Direct:

Intelligent acceleration sensor:

Aut. Off to the station:

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E 1600